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TaskDone helps Entrepreneurs, Freelancers Developers and Consultants execute and move their business or projects forward!

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TaskDone is productive people’s secret sidekick.

TaskDone helps you find the most valuable tasks on your list or in your business (hint: these are often at the bottom of your current todo list) We help you to plan what's required and keep you accountable to get those tasks done.

How it works

Step 1

You let us know what project you want to get done, this week, this month, this quarter.

Step 2

We help you break down the project into manageable tasks and coach you to get them done.

Step 3

You become super productive, execute like a machine and move your project or business forward.


We assist you with 3 month/90 day planning.

We will help you figure out what you want to achieve. TaskDone will assist with aligning your tasks to the results you are looking to achieve.

Sales Board

Successful Entrepreneurs and Business Development Professionals know that setting ambitious targets for yourself helps you achieve great things.

We will assist you to set targets for calls, outreach or even blog posts.

These are the things that move your business forward and we help you and your team to be accountable and reap the rewards.


Habits compound quickly.

Simply creating a habit of speaking to your customers every day will ensure you learn about their problems, provide better solutions and have them stay with you for longer.

Lifestyle habits like exercise and eating healthy helps you feel better, which means your business will perform better.


"The American Society of Training and Development (ATD) found that people are 65 percent more likely to meet a goal after committing to another person. Their chances of success increase to 95 percent when they build in ongoing check-ins with their partners to check in on their progress."

Productivity and Momentum

Here are some example projects:

  • Doing You Taxes

  • Registering your New Business

  • Getting Business Insurance Quotes

  • Writing that case study that you have been putting off for 3 months

  • Follow up with that client that said: "Please contact me in 3 months time"

  • Launching a remarketing campaign

  • Starting a habit to exercise 3 times a week

  • Creating that Video course

  • Doing the documentation for your software application

  • Launching your Email Newsletter

  • Reaching out to your Top 3 customers to "check in" with them.

  • Asking for a testimonial

  • Documenting your sales process




TaskDone Do stuff that Matters

You know what the TOP 3 thing is that will move your business forward, BUT there is resistance to getting it done. Accountability assists with breaking through procrastination and doing the high value tasks that has 10x leverage or the tasks that will ensure you don't get fines from the government for not doing your taxes.


How would it feel if everything you need to do is DONE?

$49 /month
  • 3 tasks at a time
$99 /month
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Sales Boards
  • Habit Tracking
$ 299 /month
  • Team tasks shared with everyone

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


100% Securely Processed


30-Day Money Back Guarantee


100% Securely Processed


  • Amanda

    "The accountability of TaskDone works! Their coaches are great, keeping me accountable without making me feel guilty. TaskDone has helped me execute on my most important tasks to move me forward."

    Amanda Erwin - Nutrition Coach

  • Marius

    "TaskDone has really helped me to get my most important tasks moved forward and completed. Just knowing that someone is keeping me accountable has generated results for me. Their support has been awesome and I am looking forward to building on the momentum that I currently have to reach my goals"

    Marius van der Merwe - Entrepreneur


Really? There is no room for improvement? Even those projects you hate to do is getting done? You don't have a worry in the world? I thought I was super productive, until I added accountability to the mix and it literally 10x my results! It has taken my business to the next level.

Everyone is different and our team can adapt to your needs. Like a Massage Therapists, we can be as gentle or as harsh as you want us to be. You can simply let us know if we are stressing you out or if we are not firm enough.